Our Mission


Our Reparations Now (ORN) demands immediate reparations for Black and Brown communities by the American federal government in response to its ongoing human rights violations. Black and Brown refers to Indigenous people, people of the African Diaspora, and people of the Latin American Diaspora. Our reparations page details our demands, and includes far more than individual payments. 

Our core value is mutual aid and solidarity. To accomplish this, many of us must unlearn anti-black and indigenous ideologies and heal tense ties with one another. We invite you to follow us @ourreparationsnow where we share information about our shared experiences, the history we were not taught in school, and current events affecting our communities. 

ORN is a digital healing space and call to action for our communities to harness collective power and demand the reparations we are entitled to receive. We are a starting point for people to become aware of Black and Brown solidarity and reparations. Please refer to our resources page to read authoritative pieces on reparations and to connect with other pro-Black and Brown organizations.