As a child, Priscilla María internalized the patriotic messages fed to students in school. Accordingly, she believed America to be a safe haven for the downtrodden of the world and a land overflowing with opportunity. Despite being a white-passing Latina, she experienced racism and gradually realized America was not what it propagandized itself to be. She has never stopped asking questions and educating herself about the American reality.

Part of her self-education included learning how the United States violated international law by intervening in Nicaraguan internal affairs. Put differently, American-backed violence forced her father to flee Nicaragua to South San Francisco as a refugee. In 1986, The International Court of Justice at The Hague ordered America to pay Nicaragua $17 billion in reparations.
Although neither one of her parents came to America voluntarily from Latin America, she was born and raised in this broken nation. She owes her privilege to Black, Indigenous, and other Latinx people to fight for the reparations we are all owed by the American government.

She graduated cum laude from a top ten university and then earned her Juris Doctor from a Tier 1 law school on an almost full-ride merit-based scholarship. Despite good grades and a promising future in law or corporate America, Priscilla María forewent a secure path to invest in her passion and legacy. She invites you to do the same.

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